Speak to Impact: Speakers Bureau

For Event Organizers

If you’re looking for your perfect speaker for your event, look no further. Speak to Impact can help you find a speaker who fits your special occasion. Our speakers are qualified by our exacting process and we’re sure you’ll be pleased.

There are 2 Ways to Find a Speaker

1) You may visit our affiliated website at E Speakers to view more information about our Qualified Speakers Directory list.

2) If you are looking for a speaker in a certain field and/or price range, feel free to contact us at the Speakers Bureau for our help in locating a speaker for your organization, workshop, keynote or event. If you speak with us directly, we can give you a better idea of each speaker or presenter’s rate.

Range of Customary Speaking Fees

$0 Free
D Donation Based
T&E Paid Travel and Expenses
$$ Low Fee
$$$ Moderate Fee
$$$$ High Fee

For Toastmasters Clubs

Toastmasters clubs that are looking for speakers for contests, demo meetings, or to fill in speaker slots can use the Speak to Impact directory as well.

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Ryan - Accreditated Speaker